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Securitas Security Services USA Inc. can be construed as a company that shields people by using effective technology and knowledge. Its dealing is with several stages and is a tremendous supporter with the security services which are predefined.

Securitas made an online website portal i.e. where employees can easily check their payroll data that means you can check your salary, wages, bonuses, deduction and manage your online account quickly for your payroll information without any hesitation.

While accessing Securitas ePay some people have issues in which some of them have answers below:

What do I do to access my paystub details on Securitas ePay?

In order to access the paystub online, you will have to browse the website If you wish to make a call then you will have to dial the number 866-604-EPAY(3729). You will then be required to enter your social security number which has no dashes and your PIN. The first time you sign in to ePay, you will be required to give your PIN which is your date of birth (MMDDYY). After you have signed in, you should change your PIN. For privacy concerns, the PIN that you will use should be eight to sixteen digits and should only be numbers.

When am I required to change my Securitas ePay password?

The best is to change your password every ninety days, this will enable you to maintain confidentiality and security of your personal details. Your password can be updated online and by your phone.

When will my paystub details be available?

Before your date of regular payment, you will be able to see your paystub details online and via phone.

Is the payroll information similar to the information provided online and via telephone?

If you are viewing your payroll information online, you can see a summary of your paystub details or the entire in depth paystub details. Over the phone, you can hear the summary of your paystub details such as your net pay and check date. Information regarding detailed hours and earnings can also be accessed.

Can I access past paystubs along with my current pay period on ePay?

Yes you can access your paystubs details online or via phone. If you get an additional payment in your normal compensation for corrected, bonus and pay or vacation. Such type of payment will be issued as a paper check.

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