Features of Securitas ePay

Securitas ePay offers a robust set of features designed to streamline payroll processes and provide employees with easy access to their financial information. Here are the top features of Securitas ePay that you need to know:

Top Features of Securitas ePay You Need to Know

Direct Deposit Setup

One of the standout features of Securitas ePay is its direct deposit setup. This feature allows employees to have their paychecks deposited directly into their bank accounts, eliminating the need for paper checks.

  • Convenience: Employees no longer need to visit the bank to deposit their checks. Funds are automatically transferred to their accounts on payday.
  • Security: Direct deposit reduces the risk of lost or stolen checks, ensuring that employees receive their pay securely.
  • Efficiency: This feature saves time for both employees and employers by automating the payment process.

Viewing and Downloading Pay Stubs

Securitas ePay provides employees with easy access to their pay stubs, which they can view and download at any time.

  • Accessibility: Employees can access their pay stubs from any device with internet access, making it easy to check their earnings and deductions.
  • Record-Keeping: Downloadable pay stubs allow employees to maintain accurate financial records for personal use, loan applications, or tax purposes.
  • Transparency: This feature ensures that employees have full visibility into their pay details, fostering trust and transparency within the organization.

Managing Tax Information

Another critical feature of Securitas ePay is the ability to manage tax information online. This includes access to W-2 forms and other necessary tax documents.

  • Ease of Access: Employees can quickly access their tax documents when needed, especially during tax season.
  • Organization: Keeping tax information in one centralized digital location helps employees stay organized and reduces the chances of losing important documents.
  • Timeliness: Employees receive their tax documents promptly, ensuring they can file their taxes on time without any delays.

Setting Up Notifications and Alerts

Securitas ePay allows users to set up notifications and alerts for various payroll-related activities.

  • Real-Time Updates: Employees can receive alerts when new pay stubs are available or when their direct deposit information is updated, keeping them informed about their payroll status.
  • Customization: Users can customize notifications based on their preferences, ensuring they receive relevant updates without unnecessary clutter.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Notifications help employees stay proactive in managing their payroll information, reducing the risk of missed updates or overlooked changes.

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