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Securitas provides a secure payroll system to its employees named Securitas ePay to view payroll information and manage your account online. So, hurry up and save yourself some time to get access your payroll information online through login.

In order to access your account to manage your salary transfer, payroll information, or some query you have to contact to your related branch for collecting information and sometimes it’s hard to access that department quickly. So to overcome this difficulty there is a platform known as Securitas ePay that helps you to overcome this problem. The Securitas ePay Login page can help you to sign in to access for safe and secure payroll account. is an online website portal where you can easily check your payroll data that means you can check your salary, wages, bonuses, deduction and manage your online account quickly for your payroll information without any hesitation.

Securitas ePay Login

How to access Securitas ePay

1) Go to official website and click to Login.

2) Log into your account:

  1. Type your social security number.
  2. Type your default PIN which is your date of birth (MMDDYY).
  3. Change your PIN when prompted- it must be 8 to 6 digits in length and contain only numbers

3) Select an option:

  1. Pay-stub Review
  2. Income verification
  3. Personal Information

Access through phone
1) Call: 866-604-3729
2) Log into your account:

  1. Enter your social
  2. Enter your default pin default is your date of birth (MMDDYY)
  3. Change your PIN when prompted- it must be 8 to 6 digits in length and contain only numbers.

3) Select an option:

  1. To review your pay stub or receive a fax copy press 1.
  2. To check the status of a fax request press 4.
  3. To end the call press “*”.
  4. To speak to a client representative press 0


Here, an important thing to discuss is that Securitas ePay login is now Paperless Pay Login for Talx. Talx helps provide valuable services to HR business division, payroll, and expense departments.

Update On Securitas ePay Login

The Company is contented to announce a new employee pay program that will substantially improve the way Securitas USA employees receive their pay. The program will provide significant economies for our employees and the company and, at the same time it will prove helpful to environment i.e. provide an environmentally “Green” solution that will reduce paper consumption of 2.6M checks and envelopes per year.

Employees may choose either of the following methods to receive their pay:

  • Direct Deposit – new campaign to increase the number of workers selecting this method of receiving their pay at their banking establishment
  • Pay Card – this program offers employees that do not have bank accounts or do not want to utilize Direct Deposit two ways to receive their pay.
  • Visa Payroll Card – provided by Citi Prepaid Services – the card is retained by the employee, funded each pay cycle, and functions as a debit card.

For more information and updates on Securitas Epay, you need to stay connected and up to date to receive valuable information that can be useful.

Securitas AB

With the increase in technology and advancement in this world, we inevitably are facing security hazards, and we all are dead sure that we are not even entirely safe in our homes. Most of the people take precautionary measures to stay safe and sound by putting big locks on their door while leaving their homes by using security cameras. But as we know that crimes are increasing day by day, and even criminals are developing new techniques to commit a crime without getting caught and are somewhat successful in doing so, that is why we are not safe at all. On the other hand, Securitas AB is providing its services to the people who are facing security issues and making sure that people stay safe under their provision.

securitas logo
Securitas logo

Company Introduction

The Swedish Security Company [] was founded in 1934. Securitas AB is providing its services relating to security guarding, mobile patrolling, security monitoring, and consulting and investigation groups. It has more than 300,000 workers working for security purposes in 60 countries worldwide. It is also providing services online through its online portal for checking payroll data and managing your online accounts for payroll information as well.

Security Methods Securitas Use

  • Securitas provides the best quality Intruder Alarms.
  • Securitas are also prepared to fight with the fire situations. For this, they provide efficient fire systems to avoid such situations or to take control of such circumstances.
  • Securitas also provide facilities with virtual patrolling and verified alarms.
  • They also offer their colleagues with CCTV and IP camera services.
  • Securitas provide services regarding key holdings and intervention services.
  • They also have advanced lone worker protection systems.
  • Securitas also have efficient working personnel tracking devices associated with an extremely professional tracking system they possess.
  • Their tracking system is also capable of vehicle track and trace capabilities.
  • Securitas are also familiar with plant and asset tracking systems that are very useful these days.

Apple Discount For Securitas Employee

Securitas employees enjoy an exclusive discount on Apple products. Discounted price can be availed if Apple product is directly purchased from Apple online website at or Apple official stores across the country. However, you can also avail discount if you are purchasing Apple product from Brick and Mortar and tell the retailer that you want to buy it through Securitas EPP discount.

Holiday Overtime Payment Schedule

Securitas pays its employees with holiday overtime pay if they work on holidays. These holidays include New Year’s Day (1st January), Memorial Day (30th May), Independence Day (4th July), Labor Day (5th September), Thanksgiving Day (24th November) and Christmas Day (25thDecember).

T-Mobile Offer For Securitas Employee

T-Mobile offers a special discount on Samsung 4G Android phones with amazing features and super-fast 4G network speed to Securitas employees. The Samsung phones which are offered include Samsung Galaxy S II 4G with 4.52” screen available in $129.99, the compact and light in weight Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G at $69.99 and Samsung Exhibit II 4G with a free car charger.

Securitas Online Academy

Securitas wants its employees to be professionally trained and they should know how to cope up with the changing trends. So, in order to train them, there is an online Securitas Academy where employees can take different courses, get learning resources, test their knowledge and understanding. This employees learning portal can be accessed by visiting the website Enter your User ID and Password and click ‘Sign In’. Employees are registered in this Learning Management System or LMS and get User ID and Password from their management. So, the LMS is only accessible by Securitas employees and no one else.

Securitas Employee Purchase Programs

Securitas employees enjoy many financial benefits. One of the benefits is employee purchase program (EPP). Under this program, employees of Securitas get discounts on products of different companies like Dell, HP, Ford, General Motors and personal wireless services. Dell EPP can be benefited by using ID: #GS33263862 while for HP, use the code: #2548. For Ford purchase program, visit To Login, use VC648 as Partner Code and click ‘Submit’. Afterwards, you have to get your PIN to get benefit from this program. One thing you must keep in mind that this PIN is valid for 12 months only, so use it only when you are going to buy a Ford car. For General Motors Purchase Program, visit Login to the website, use company code 804777 and get benefited from discounted prices.

Securitas Agreements With AT&T And Verizon

Securitas has made a new agreement with AT&T and Verizon under which Securitas employees will get more discounts on the wireless services of AT&T and Verizon.


Securitas employees get 21% discount on monthly service plans of $34.99 or more and 18% on less than $34.99 plans. 30% discount on AT&T equipment and 5GB internet data for $47.40 per month.


Employees get 19% discount on monthly plans while corporate gets 21% discount. $100 credit is awarded to new subscribers while Casio G’zone Rock C731 is gifted free to those who activate new price plans of $34.99 or higher.

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