The Securitas Hotline – Confidential Reporting System

Securitas Security Services USA Inc. can be construed as a company that shields people by using effective technology and knowledge.

The employees at Securitas Security Services are trained well on their security jobs making use of technologies to colossal security strategies which are authorized by Securitas for the client.

Securitas Security Services every day demonstrates their employees the main fundamentals of the company i.e. helpfulness, integrity, and vigilance, while protecting American communities, homes, and workplaces.

The company really cares for its employees and wants to know their concerns. Whenever employee shares their concerns, the company takes immediate action to get rid of the situation. Therefore, the company established a confidential reporting system for their employees called The Securitas Hotline.

The Securitas Hotline is always available to cater the issues, concerns of their employees. However, the company provides another way of communication for their employees to share their complaints to their respective local manager, HR Representative, or supervisor.

Concerns or complaints reported here may include, but are not limited to:

Alcohol or drug use


Ethics violations or any illegal activity


Health and safety issues

Pay issues

Policy violations

Theft or damage to company property

Threats of violence

Unfair treatment of any kind

Report a concern to The Securitas Hotline:

Online: The Securitas Hotline

Over the Phone: 1-800-574-8637

Additional Resources

Payroll/Benefits: For issues with your paycheck or benefits, please contact your local HR Representative.

Employee Assistance Program: 800-772-2922

2 thoughts on “The Securitas Hotline – Confidential Reporting System”

  1. I worked over at the Marriott location for a couple days and I had set my alarm for the wrong time and over slept for 2hours but had called the manager that night. He told me to go to the office the next day without calling anybody or notifying I would be there so I went to drive to HQ and then nobody answered the door when I got there instead just telling me they didn’t want me at the site. It was very unprofessional on Emmanuel Thompson(240-426-2880) part as a manager and needs to do better job. I have caught him talking about district managers in front of employees cussing up a storm using vulgar language in front of employee too and saying negative things about our district manager Jeff Cornett a few times which I though he was a pretty good and reasonable guy from when we talked and I just had started there a few weeks ago.

  2. I worked for Securitas at the Millipore site in Danvers for 2-1/2 years. There is no Lost and Found log and the reason is that all the valuable jewelry and money found is not logged in but taken by Jose Flores (Site Manager) and Justin Cole. I turned in money one day and Justin Cole jokingly said thanks Pat and put the money in his pocket. I thought he was kidding but the money was not put in the Lost and Found Drawer. There has been valuable jewelry found on the site that has disappeared. When I asked Jose where is was he answered “Why do you need to know”? I have spoken with Sharon Atwood but once she speaks to her manager it is forgotten about. I think the situation should be investigated.


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